Chicago Fire – Hanako Greensmith Just Honored Hawkins With the Most Emotional Instagram Post  


Chicago Fire – This season of Chicago Fire has featured some heart-wrenching scenes. Exhibit A: Inside the third episode of Season 11, the brave Evan Hawkins (Jimmy Nichols) suddenly tragically dies after a building collapses, leaving his girlfriend Violet Mikami behind.

In a lovely series of photos posted by Greensmith’s Instagram account, she paid tribute to the time the two worked together on the series. Hanako Greensmith, who plays Mikami, will miss him equally.

Did Chief Hawkins die on Chicago Fire?

Bad’s reaction to Hawking’s death has been one of despair and sadness, as many felt it was one of the most mind-boggling performances of all time. There has been an overflow of help for Hawkins as a person and a significant other for Violet. This overflow was not lost on the entertainer who played Hawkins, Jimmy Nichols. While he did first-class business of staying calm when he arrived on his vacation, Nichols thanked all the fans who kept him up and continued to show love despite being a part of the show.

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